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Program 2022

To hear the Pacific Mainstream Jazz Band and All Of Me click play

16th  January   5PM till 8 PM  Summertime quintet

30th  January   5PM till 8 PM    Peter Uppman
13th February.  5PM till 8 PM  Pacific Mainstream Jazz Band
7th February     5PM till 8 PM  Sara Shaw will feature with the Steve Martin Quartet

13th March       5PM till 8 PM   Roger Clarke and friends
27th March      5PM till 8 PM   Andrew Dajski and friends
10th April       5PM till 8 PM   Larry Thomson and friends
24 April           5PM till 8 PM    Jeremy Hawker and the Juniors

8 May              5 PM till 8PM     Major Feelgood  (John Trigg Quintet)

22  May           5 PM till 8 PM   Love 4 Swing (Andrew Dajski Quintet)
29 May            5 PM till 8PM    Doug Lye 80th Birthday Bash.

12 June           5 PM till 8PM    Pacific Mainstream Jazz Band
26 June           5 PM till 8 PM  Stephanie Dick Quintet   

10 July            5 PM till  8 PM  Sarah Lane Quintet  
24 July            5 PM till  8 PM Lissy Loushay.

21 August       5 PM till 8 PM Stephanie Dick Qiuntet
27 August       Gala Concert

28 August      10 AM till 6 PM  Townsville Jazz Festival

11 September 5 PM till 8  Love 4 swing.  
15th October    Gala Concert
30 October       5PM till 8 PM    Love 4 Swing with Andrew and friends
13 November    5PM till 8 PM     Stephanie Dick and Reg Braun Quintet
27 November   5PM till 8 PM   Lissy Loushay & Friends

11 December   AGM    4 Pm   Band 5PM till 8 PM.   Pacific Mainstream Jazz band