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            Photos from 2011 and earlier

Stokes Nicholson Big Band November 2011

During sit in bracket 27 November 2011
Keyboard: Maurie Tate (Sydney)    Percussion: Ken Burnes    Drums: Richard Juszczyk
Bass Guitar: Red Huxley

Cathedral School Stage Band performed at the North Queensland Jazz Club 23 October 2011

  David Salisbury and Oliver Bellwood       David Salisbury and Cindy Ashton

Cathedral School Stage Band

Sarah Currie, Toby Sen Gupta, Edward Harridge,                                                                    Finlay Hansen
                Tleasha Linner, Felicity Doyle                                       Tleasha Linner, Felicity Doyle, Joshua Steffens, Daniel Ah Kit

Finlay Hansen                              Jonathon Chappel & Oliver Bellwood                             Ashley Baxter

Pacific Mainstrean Jazz Band 23 October 2011

Les Nicholson & David Salisbury             Nev Minon, Les Nicholson & Claire Dickson (sit in bracket)

Jazz & Jewels Ball. Stokes Nicholson Big Band      30 July 2011

L-R Vicky Salisbury, Troy Patti, John & Raylene, Cynthia & Peter, Bob Passmore    Bessed dressed XXXX & Shirley

Radio Remembered, Pacific Mainstream Jazz Band    26 June 2011

Back:  Helen & Kevin, Gary & Gerry, Michelle & Kevin
Front: Susan & Albert, Christine & Neville, Marie & Les

Andrew Dajski leader and trumpet flugel horn and vocals, Mark Wyer on keyboard, John Dunn on jazz guitar and vocals
Reg Braun on bass guitar, Richard Juszczyk on drums

                                      Dixie Night, Pacific mainstream Jazz Band   27 February 2011

Trumpet:         Les Nicholson                                               Keyboard:    John Ruffle
Saxophones: Bob Passmore                                              Drums:          Bob Hebden
Trombone:     Larry Thomson                                             Banjo:           Oscar Smith
Bass guitar:   Red Huxley

Opening Night,  All The Presidents Men   13 February 2011

Back row: Bob Passmore, Larry Thomson, Les Nicholson and David Salisbury
Front row: Vince Power, Marilyn Sheather, Kylie Agnew

Earlier photos from regular Jazz Nights

Pacific Mainstream Jazz Band October 2009 - their 34th year together!

L-R Neville Minon, trombone; Les Nicholson (band leader), trumpet; Red Huxley, bass guitar; Bob Hebden, drums; John Ruffle, piano; Bob Passmore, sax

The 'Meagre Stars' - a band of NQ Jazz Club members who are not regularly playing in a band: Gary Waters, trumpet; Jack Ruffle, alto sax; Bob Spillane, guitar; Bill Kennedy, bass guitar; Peter Vermeiren, drums - led by John Ruffle on piano and supported by John Trigg on trombone

Jan Preston and her husband Mike playing with John Ruffle 24 October 2010

Fem Belling 12.09.10                                                                           Amber Goodfellow 8.2.09

Cinderella's Jazz Ball - Stokes Nicholson Big Band with Vicki Salisbury, 13 September 2008

Pacific Mainstream Jazz Band 24 May 2009. Les Nicholson Trumpet and vocals, Bob Passmore Saxophone,
Nev Minon Trombone, Bob Hebden Drums, John Ruffle Keyboard, Red Huxley Bass

Alex Brown with PMJB at the German Australian Club in September 2008

Love for Swing

Photos 2011