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Photos 2019
Photos 2019

Live savers Club 14 April.  Saxophone: Roger Clark         Trumpet:  Bob Montgomery          
Trombone:   Al Herman    Keyboard: Rory Clark      Drums: Larry Kean            Double Base: Bob Passmore

Live Savers Club 14 April.  Trumpet: John Hoffman    Keyboard: Larry Thomson    

Drums:  Doug Lye                         Vocals: Vicky Salisbury

ANZAC day remembered 27 April

                                   Red Poppies Band aka Pacific Mainstream Jazz Band.
 Les Nicholson Trumpet:  David Salisbury Saxophone and Flute: Vicki Salisbury Vocals:
John Ruffle Keyboard:  Oscar Smith Guitar:  Scott Jorgensen Bass: Richard Juszczyk Drums.

Some of the guests at the ANZAC function