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TTT is situated at the back of the Townsville Arts Centre, corner Sturt and Walker Streets
in the city. It has been broadcasting Jazz from its beginnings in 1981.

Albert Schimmel
Growing up with trad jazz in Europe I still enjoy this type of music.
One can't go past the Dutch Swing College Band but my favourite band is Chris Barber and his Jazzmen. This gives you an indication of the type of program to expect from me.
I do play the older bands like Jack Teagarden, Humphrey Lyttelton, Sidney Bechet with a few big bands thrown in. My favourite being Benny Goodman. I have a good selection of Australian trad jazz records from Graeme Bell to the New Melbourne Jazz band.

Maurie Besgrove
I like various types of jazz, especially instrumental, but not very much of the highly technical improvisational playing.
I particularly like the modern jazz of Don Burrows, James Morrison and Bob Barnard and their associates and older music of performers such as Dave Brubeck, Kenny Ball and Acker Bilk.
Other jazz types I like and present are nostalgia, traditional, Dixie, swing, big bands, Latin, gospel, blues.

These and other presenters of great jazz invite you to tune in every Tuesday and Thursday night
8.00 – 10.00 pm. for great jazz

August  Roster   2021

Tuesday  Jazz            Tuesday  Blues         Thursday Jazz          Thursday Jazz              Sunday  Blues
 8PM-10PM                    10PM-12PM                 8PM-10PM                10PM-12PM                  10 PM - 12PM

                                                                                                                                                               1st Bob

3rd  Albert                           3rd   Albert                    5th   Jennie                  5th  Jennie                    8th  Vita
10th Maurie                          10th  Maurie                 12th  Vita                      12th  Vita                        15th Bob

17th  Kerrie                          17th  Auto                      19th  Jennie                 19th Jennie                   22nd Vita

24th  Maurie                         24th Maurie                   26th  Mark                    26th Mark                      29th Vita

31st  Bob                             31st Bob           

ttt FM 103.9

To hear the Pacific Mainstream Jazz Band
and Sweet Georgia Brown click play

Wanted: Jazz presenters. Only qualification is a love for jazz.
Ring the station on 47215333 for more information.