Photos 2022

13 February:

John Ruffle Keyboard.      Doug Lye Drums.        Scott Jorgensen Base.          Alanna Kelly Saxophone.  

Les Nicholson Trumpet.  Bob Passmore Saxophone.

Sit in bracket:

 Justin Fimmell  Drums.   John Trigg keyboard.    Jeremy Hawkins Guitar.  Andrew Dajski.

                                                  Andrew and friends  27 March

John Ruffle Keyboard.  Reg Braun Base.    Doug Lye  Drums.                        
Andrew Dajski Trumpet.    Bob Passmore Saxophones.  
John Trigg Trombone.

                                                                                    Sit in:  Nobby Neilson from Cairns.

Larrry Thomson and friends 10 April

Bob Passmore Base.  John Trigg Trombone.  Maralyn Sheather Vocals.   Larry Thomson Keyboard vocals. Doug Lye Drums.    Les Nicholson Trumpet.     Douglas Clark Saxophone.

                                                            Love for swing 22 May

Trumpet: Andrew Dajski     Saxophone: Bob Passmore      Keyboard: Terra Grimard        Drums: Doug Lye

The Band featured
Claire Whitcombe on Keyboard, Doug on Drums, Reg Braun on Drums, Stephanie Dick on Vocals,
Bill Turner on Sax, Bob Passmore on Sax, Tracey Osmond (Doug’s daughter)  on vocals

Les Nicholson - Trumpet    Bill Kennedy - Bass     Stephanie Dick - Vocals    Clare Whitcombe - Keyboard

                                   Bob Passmore - Saxophone    Geg Braun - Drums                            Photo supplied by Bob  Spillane

Lissy Loushay band

John Trigg Trombone.  John Ruffle Keyboard.   Evan Base.    Tim Doolan on Bass Guitar
Doug Lye Drums. Lissy Loushay Vocals.   Bob Passmore Saxophone.

Sarah Lane Quintet
     Jarrah Jones on Guitar – Sarah Lane on Vocals – Anthony Minehan on Saxophone –
 Reg Braun on Drums – Scott Jorgensen on Bass

Jazz festival  (More photo’s on Festival page)

AC Dixie -  Sarah Lane Quintet -  Pacific Mainstream jazz Band  
Stokes Nicholson Big Band
Hawker Russell Gypsy Jazz  - Roger and Rory Clark Quartet  -  Toby Wren Quartet  -  John Hoffmann Quartet

Love 4 Swing  11 September
Bob Passmore Saxophone.  Claire Whitcombe Keyboard & vocals.  Goug Lye Drums.  
Andrew Daiski Trumpet & vocals.

Gala concert
 Angela Newcomb on Vocals and Guitar - Owen Newcomb (OJ) on Double Bass

Steve Newcomb on Keyboard - John Hoffman Fluegel Horn  -  Reg Braun Drums - Maralyn Sheather vocals.
Photo supplie dy Bob Spillane

Peter Uppman 30 January

Peter Uppman - Trumpet  and vocals.      John Ruffle - Keyboard.          Dylon Russell  -   Guitar.

Bob Passmore  - Base.        Reg Braun  -  Drums.

27 November
Lissy Loushay Vocals       Les Nicholson Trumpet          Barry Edwards Sax and Flute   
Bob Passmore Base                  Doug Lye Drums

Pacific Mainstream Jazz Band