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Type A Personality Jazz Ensemble

Type A Personality Jazz describes a musical ensemble comprised of confident band leaders with big personalities (no one here mentioned egos did they?).  

The original group consisted of Larry Thomson on keyboard, Les Nicholson on trumpet, Bob Passmore on bass, Justin Cataldo on drums, David Salisbury on sax and vocalist Vicki Salisbury.  Each of these players heads up their own musical group from Cataldo's The Kitchen to the Stokes Nicholson Big Band founded by Les;  Vicki and the Captain in Captain Nemo and Bob's Counterpoint, Magnetic Views for Larry as well as the various other bands many of us have been involved with.  Obviously the A-Type brand was the perfect fit for this crew!  

The group was formed in 2011 and has performed at the Townsville Jazz Club, Magnetic Island's Tropical Jazz Party, Townsville JazzFest, the Jezzine Barracks launch and various gigs here and there.

The composition of Type A Personality Jazz changes with availability of players, however what does not change is the ethos the group was founded on,  our mutual passion for jazz and loving the spotlight.

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